Nutrition Consultation & Lifestyle Coaching Services

Nancy’s passion is to educate and empower parents with children that have been diagnosed with special needs such as PDD, ADD, ADHD, LD, sensory issues and other biomedical disorders of their dietary needs. As a mother of a child with severe allergies, weakened immune system and liver dysfunction, she has first-hand experience with many specialized diets such as Wheat-Free, Gluten-Free, Dairy Free, Yeast-Free, Low Phenol Diet, natural detoxification protocols and supplement regimens. Taking into account the stress placed on the caregivers, parents should also be on a natural and healthy regimen. Children, Women and Family Wellness programs are customized to meet their needs to assist in bringing back balance in the body. Health Food Store outings and kitchen make-over as in the form of “spring cleaning” are available to clear up any confusion when starting a special diet.

An extensive nutritional and vitamin regime report included with the first hour appointment. Informative workshops and parent support groups are now forming – call to learn more about them.

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment with a nutritionist who understands the issues the parents are facing and will educate and empower them, then call today because every child is worth it.

Nancy’s approach is a nurturing, holistic, and natural to heal and restore balance to achieve optimal health.  She resides in Westchester County with her husband and two boys.

Visit her website at and email: Her direct phone number is 914-725-6801.

Nancy Guberti is a certified nutritionist and healthy lifestyle coach.