Special Education Tutoring


Individualized goals will be initiated for the learner and reviewed with parents. Through both naturalistic play and teacher directed activities, areas of need are addressed with teaching techniques that challenge the learner and enhance success. At times, a task analysis is necessary so that students can master small pieces of a task and then sequence them together. Or, perhaps a visual schedule or prompting system will be employed to help move a learner along through a sequence independently.

The goal of tutoring at the Holistic Learning Center is to remediate skills necessary for the learner to be able to perform successfully with group instruction in school. That is, to graduate from tutoring as soon as possible. The support necessary for each student varies, and each student’s timeline is as individualized as their personal strengths and needs.

Parent meetings are the key to carryover and determining goal completion. Our staff will assist parents with choosing goals, techniques for homework help, and deciding when tutoring is no longer necessary.

Pre-school and elementary students come to the Holistic Learning Center to address specialized learning needs/behaviors that may interfere with their academic success. Feedback from parents, caregivers and teachers takes place, as well as an initial assessment of the present level of functioning of the student. Tests used include reading, mathematics, language, motor, emotional, behavioral, and self care assessments. Tests are chosen based upon the student’s need and/or parent concern.