Holistic Learning Center | New York


“I have a nine year old son with autism who has been receiving services from the therapists are HLC for the past four years. We have had well trained, professional, hard working therapists throughout that time. My son has made so much progress as a result of their efforts.”

“When our son was first diagnosed with autism, everyone we talked to mentioned Sue’s name. We knew we had to supplement our son’s program by getting him help from the HLC. Our son spent three years at HLC and made tremendous gains during those years. We credit his progress to Sue and her incredibly professional and talented team. We were extremely fortunate to have HLC as a resource.”
SLP in Scarsdale, NY

“Susan Varsames is one of the most effective professionals in the field of ASD due to not only her massive acquisition of knowledge from studying and working with the kids, but also because of her intuitive sense of how the kids are processing the world around them. She has shared her knowledge and perspective with so many others in her most generous and patient manner that there has been an exponential increase in the understanding of how to deal with ASD kids and what it is like to walk in their shoes.”
Eastchester Parent

“Over the last twelve years, Sue and the HLC have provided our son with integrated ABA/occupational therapy, education consulting, academic support, and one on one theatre arts workshops through colleagues that Sue is able to utilize for really creative therapies. She provided our family with an understanding of autism and an educational plan that took us from fear and dread to hope and new possibilities.”

Joey has been receiving speech and other services from Holistic Learning Center since he was 4.5 . “Joey is now 19. Without getting too mushy, how do you put down on paper that someone gave your child a voice? Every word, every sound, is because of the tireless efforts of Stacie Pearl and that amazing place called the Holistic Learning Center. I could never say enough. From when Joey was running out of the offices and the OT staff chimed in to get him organized, to today as he sits there using sign language and engaged in his speech lesson…. It’s a beautiful place with no celling and their walls are made of hope.”

“My 8 year old son diagnosed with Autism receives ABA through the Holistic Learning Center. Having tried other providers in the past, we noticed a big difference after HLC’s team of professionals began working with him. With their organized, attentive and individualized approach, my son responded in a positive way, making gains with skills he had lost before HLC came in. No problem was too big for their Board Certified Behavior Analyst and other therapists to take on. My son lights up when HLC staff walk in the door, and their team is always brimming with ideas, support, follow-through, and that rare mix of compassion and competence to unlock my son’s potential. I can’t say enough good things about HLC and their team of professionals.”
Emily F.