CTLE Unit for Para Professionals

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Maui Water Therapy CoursesWATER THERAPY COURSES –

2020 dates to be announced

Experience life changing applications for your practice! Are you ready to expand on your self care and clinical skills for both the pediatric and adult population?
Come for part or all of our two week series of classes on the beautiful Valley Isle of Maui at the HOLISTIC LEARNING CENTER OF MAUI, LLC. We are offering two weeks classes for water lovers who are ready to bring therapy techniques to the water. Each course runs for two days, 9AM-2:30 PM. You have a choice to take one, two, or all three courses. These courses are being taught by top experts in the field of Reiki, Water Therapy and Watsu. Learn More



Applied Behavioral AnalysisApplied Behavioral Analysis

Applied Behavior Analysis, or ABA, is the hands on application of the theories of behaviorism as they relate to educational or adaptive skill acquisition. ABA as an instructional approach is often utilized to address the specific cognitive, social, and language skill areas for children with specialized learning needs and is recommended as the primary means of treatment for children on the Autistic Spectrum. Instruction is individualized following an assessment of the student’s skill to identify areas of strength and areas of need. Specific goals are determined and the objectives necessary to arrive at the successful acquisition of those skills are initiated. Learn More


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

The Holistic Learning Center of Maui, LLC presents:
Emotional Freedom Technique: Tapping Your Way To Your Health and Wellness Goals

This is a simple, easy-to- learn method for identifying concerns, stressors, and limiting thoughts, and recovering from the debilitating effects they have on your physical, mental, and cognitive wellness. Learn More

Dates: November 18th, 2019
Time: 5:30-7:30 PM
                                                                         Location: Holistic Learning Center of Maui