Holistic Learning Center | New York

Parent Training & Consultation



At the Holistic Learning Center, we believe that informed and empowered parents make the best decisions as advocates.  Some families make monthly appointments, some make them quarterly: your individual preferences will guide you with this decision.

Parent training can take the form of:

  • Reviewing your child’s behavioral data and making recommendations for program modifications,
  • Reviewing your child’s evaluations and progress reports to make recommendations for services, goals, and strategies for remediation
  • Observing your child at home or in school and meeting with parents for feedback/ideas
  • Working with your child directly and modeling behavioral intervention, constructive play and daily living skill acquisition strategies.
  • Connecting groups of parents to come to a meeting about a specific topic such as: constructive limit setting at home, organizing your evening for productive play and homework time, increasing your child’s socialization skills with peers, or setting up your child’s financial future with estate planning and living wills. Group session topics vary depending on parent request and the latest information available related to raising children with special needs.


Call the center at 914.793.9100 for further information.